I’m back today with a new post today. I’m going to be doing the would you rather challenge.

Let me start with this Question…

Would you rather be caught cheating or catch your significant other cheating?

Honestly, I’d rather catch my significant other cheating, because I don’t want to be the one like hurting them. I’d rather hurt than be like hated and like be the one in the wrong. So I’d rather catch my significant other cheating.

Well, like there’s so much more oh my gosh. I don’t wanna think about it next one this is so wrong like, I don’t understand it goes from that to this and this is just like chopping it off.


Would you rather with your bare hands kill an average human baby or 100 cute puppies?

Why? Who came up with this question? That’s what I want – who came up with this stupid question the baby again the puppy I think I’d rather just I’d rather just die like dying right now so I don’t have to do either. I wouldn’t do it. I just take you know me. I’m not doing it. I can’t do it that’s messed up If you comment below which one you’d rather do I will hurt you because that is not okay.


Would you rather have piercings or tattoos?

Actually, I already have them earning, two earrings piercings. I’m not going to get my belly done just because it’s not what I’m about you know tattoos. I like tattoos I’ve actually thought about getting one right here, actually, it’d be like a wing that comes out from like my armpit so it look like I have a wing. Man it sounds cheesy but like an angel wing it’s like it has a lot of meaning to it and I’m gonna be kind of cool like it come on my shirt. I’m already happy you’re seeing so I’m going to go to the tattoo. I wouldn’t mind having a tattoo but I’m scared to get it that’s because it’s gonna hurt by just because I don’t know I’m gonna like it and me don’t like regretting I mean.


Would you rather be a lawyer or a doctor?

I think honestly, I don’t want to be a doctor because, if I’ve anybody’s life in my hands and I’m like doing surgery on their brain or heart or it depends a doctor but a lawyer is really hard, like book work and stuff and I’m terrible at that so either way I’m going to mess up but I’d rather mess up lose my job than mess up and lose my job as a doctor and like kill somebody in the process. And go to jail so I think I’m gonna just be a lawyer because I’m not trying to kill anybody.


Would you rather win the lottery or live twice as long?

This is such a good one because if you live twice as long you have time to make up for money. I don’t need to be that wealthy, I don’t need to be a multi-millionaire like six hundredn million dollar lottery winner. Because like you’re not going to use all the morning. I wish you could live twice as long bro, I always think like I want them to find not a cure but like I want to find why we die, like why we age, what is it by accident that’s slowly killing us so that’s scary to think about. I don’t

I don’t know I’d rather live twice as long but I’d want to stay at this age. I don’t want to be like 200 years old 108 years old living life. I can’t move so if I could say that they did look twice as long if I just am old I’d really win the lottery and die when I’m like 70 or whatever.


Would you rather be famous or be the friend of a famous the person?

I wear that completely out of contact, like it did he doesn’t even say what I just said. I think is this perch to both but I’d rather just be famous because you have all the spotlight. I mean sometimes I get Sonoran like just leave your famous that’s too famous for me. I am going to be that vain I don’t know I’m going to I’m going to just stay famous. I’m already famous just kidding.


Would you rather have the more time or more money?

Time is so valuable. Time is money. I guess money is the time takes time to get money so either way, I’m gonna go with time, because if you have more time you can get more money if you have more money you can invest so it, either way, I just want more time because the more time comes more intellect. That’s beep..


Would you rather have true love or $10,000,000?

Me personally right now give me the 10 million dollars. No no no don’t take it wrong because I already have my true love, so I’m saying I already have my true love. So give me the 10 million because I don’t need to find my true love you know what I’m saying if it was 10 million dollars for to find my true love and Carly was my true love then I’d rather find her then 10 million dollars.


Would you rather lie or be a blurred mind-read?

I’ve been that backward again it says read mind but mind read made more sense to me. I don’t know I’d rather be able to read minds because if I was in an argument I’d be like I know it she’s insane eggs yep got it and then respond and I could win all the time. I lose every argument because I’m a guy and guys are stupid I’ll never win girls probably right can’t believe, I just said that but I would be kind of weird can people in there like and I don’t want to like crash. So I’m gonna I’m just read mine basic.


Would you rather live in a world where there were no problems or live in a world where you rule?

I’d rather live in a world with there’s no problems because if I was the ruler of the world things ago and that’s kind of creepy like that’s suddenly taken over the world type stuff and I’m not about that. I’d rather just have everybody happy with how everything’s going or not that makes everybody happy if I’m the ruler nobody’s going to be happy.